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As part of the search term optimization process it is highly likely that the content of your website will have to altered. The content of a web page defines the topic of the page and it needs to be consistent with other html elements on the page.

Having researched and recommended search terms to target for your site, the contents of your web pages becomes a crucial factor in obtaining high search engine rankings. eg. If a web page detailing seo copywriting doesn't even mention it on the page, how are the search engine robots to know what your page is about and where to list it?

Seo Copywriting

Making your web pages read correctly and naturally whilst including relevant search terms is an art, and the content needs to flow and be readable. You don't want to produce web pages that are unreadable or unappealing, as this will put the reader off your services, even if you have a top ten ranking....

There is a limit to how many occurrences your chosen search terms should appear in your copy, and also where and when they should appear. Having worked in the industry for a number of years our search term optimization and seo copywriting skills will stand your site in good stead.

Your site content needs to be updated regularly and we check your site on an ongoing basis, checking your rankings and making tweaks where necessary to improve your search engine rankings on an ongoing basis.

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