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There is no set period of time that has to elapse before your site is listed, but it may take up to six months to get your website into a high position, particularly if your site is in a competitive area of the internet.

No we don't. No one can, despite any assurances or guarantees on other seo sites, no-one can guarantee that your website will obtain a certain position in a certain search engine. We will improve your current position though and we aim to achieve a top ten or top twenty ranking for all sites we optimize.

We initially discuss your requirements with you and research the internet sector your business is in. We then research the most popular search terms and advise you which ones would be best to target.

There may be some ongoing costs depending upon the payment plan that has been agreed. eg. You may be paying a small payment on a monthly basis.

All you need is a website and some patience. We will do the rest for you. We will need access to your site and will need you 'ftp details' for this. The web hosting company your site is hosted with can provide these.

Your website will look slightly different in most cases. The content of your pages is likely to change and we have recommend a redesign in some cases, if your site is in frames for example. In essence though your site will look very much the same.

Yes your website will still work and we take backups of any web pages before we change anything.

Meta Tags are elements of a web page that have an effect on your search engine positioning and describe the contents of your web page.

Once your site is in a good search engine position and the period of work carried out on your site has expired, you may wish to retain our services to carry out ongoing updates and changes to your site, to continue to improve or stabilize your rankings.

Only once. There is no need to submit your site to the search engines any more than once, or no need to pay a company to do so on your behalf on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in achieving a high search engine ranking for your website, please contact us today.

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