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Sims Designs re-designed the Teknikleen Computer Room Cleaning site and then we optimised all the site pages for their chosen search terms. The site already had high positions in Google and the client was concerned that a redesign of the site would affect these rankings.

We ensured that all the new content on the site was relevant and that the on page factors targeted the clients chosen search terms, with a view to retaining their Google rankings.

Computer Website SEO

SEO : The plan of attack

The site could benefit from some more backward links as time passes, but in the meantime we created a new look site for the client, whilst retaining their high rankings. So, if your site enjoys high rankings, but needs redesigning and you are concerned that this may have a negative effect on your site, please contact us as we may have some good news for you...

The Outcome

After the optimization process had been completed the site had been updated and we had managed to retain the high rankings in Google, MSN and Yahoo! for the site. *

* This information was accurate at the time of writing.

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